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  • Current Affairs
    Samadhan Complaint Cell
    For Complaints Call  04432571711

    Citizen's Charter


    POPULATION Civil 39,775
    Military 4,020
    LAND CLASSIFICATION A1 1,135.76 acres
    A2 94.90 "
    B1 589.47 "
    B2 724.83 "
    B3 110.77 "
    B4 101.61 "
    C 155.55 "
    Private Land    1.74 "
    Total area 2,914.64 acres
    ROADS Bitumen road 21.9 km
    Cement Concrete road 13.6 km
    Total Length 35.5 KM
    WATER SUPPLY Open wells 7
    Bore wells 96
    Bore wells with pump 6
    Hand pumps 90
    Palar water supply   5 lakh lit./ per day at PVM
    Metro water supply 12 lakh lit./ per day at STM
    STREET LIGHT CFL Lights 1487
    MH Lamps 190
    MOTORS Submersible 9
    Jet Motor 2
    for borewell
    Centrifugal and Monoblock 9
    Trees on road side 401
    Traffic Islands 4
    (Dispensaries and Maternity Hospital )
    ST. Thomas Mount 10 Bedded
    Pallavaram 20 Bedded
    SCHOOLS High Schools 2
    Elementary Schools 2
      Montessari School 2
    CONSERVANCY Drains (length) 36.5 Kms
    Culverts 62 Nos.
    Dust Bins 10 loads of Garbage
    Lorries and Tippers 5 Lorries garbage
    1 l water tanker lorry


    Public Works Department

    It maintains the land record details of the Cantonment area and executes the following works.

    1. Laying of new/maintenance of roads

    2. Construction and repair of drains

    3. Construction of new buildings (Original works)

    4. Tender process for the above work

    5. Sanctioning of building plans and monitoring strict adherence to FSI To prevent unauthorised construction.

    6. Maintenance of Cantonment properties like office building, schools, shops and Kalyanamandapam. BUILDING PLANS Application form - Available on all working days on payment of Rs.50/- (from 10 AM to 4 PM) Submission of filled in Application - On all working days. Decision on application - within 30 days (Civil area - Sanctioned by CEO) For sanction of building plans - within 30 days (outside Civil area- Sanctioned by the Cantonment Board)

    Water Supply Department


    a. Attend to the complaints on water Flow from main line - within 1 hour to 24 hours 
    b. Leakage in main water pipe line 
    c. Complaint on contimination (or) Quality of water supplied 
    d. Complaint of failure from source Line or failure in the pumping station
    e. Acute water shortage - water supplied through water Tankers.

    f.  Complaint on duration and frequency of supply - within 5 days.


    1. Time of application form - on all working days
    2. Acceptance of filled in application 
    3. Acknowledgement of application 
    4. Intimation to applicant in case of - within 15 days deficiency in application form
    5. Intimation to applicant for depositing - within 90 days of receipt of deposits and charges application (Depends upon the availability of Water)
    6. Time of sanction letter to provide - within a fortnight connection


    It comprises of

    1 Health Supdt., -1
    2 Health Inspectors -2,
    3. Sanitary Supervisors - 5 and 188 Safaiwalas (108 Civil Conservancy and 80 Military Conservancy), who are responsible for upkeep of sanitation in Cantonment area including Fort St.George situated outside Cantonment limit.

    Their services rendered is as follows:-

    1. Cleaning of roads and streets
    2. Collection and removal of garbage from dustbins.
    3. Clearing and desilting of drains.
    4. Maintenance of public latrines
    5. Clearing of bushes in public area
    6. Maintenance of garden and traffic islands. Planting of saplings to improve greenery in the Cantonment.
    7.Removal of dead animals.
    8.Maintenance of cattle pound for preventing wandering of cows in streets.

    9.Implementing Animal Birth Control for stray dogs in Cantt. area.
    10.Spraying insecticides like anti-malaria/dengue etc.
    11.Issue of trade licence for shops and establishment in Cantonment area and prevention of food adulteration.
    12. Registration of Birth and Death in Cantonment area and issue of Birth/Death Certificate thereafter.
    13. Removal of building materials kept without permission and demolition of unauthorised construction/erection of hut and construction of Building.


    1. Collection/removal of garbage on - within 24 hours of complaint receipt of complaint of non-lifting
    2. Cleaning of roads and streets - -do-
    3. Clearing of drains on receipt of complaint -do-
    4. Clearing of bushes in public area - within 24 hours of complaint
    5. Removal of dead animals on - within 4 hours of complaint receipt of complaint
    6. Impounding of cattle on streets -do-
    7. Spraying insecticides - within 24 hours of complaint
    8. Registration of Birth/Death - within 2 days of receipt of report
    9. Issue of Birth/Death Certificate - within 3 days
    10. Spraying insecticides like anti-malaria/ dengue etc. within 24 Hours

    11. Issue of trade licence for shops and establishment in Cantonment area and prevention of food adulteration.



    Birth/Death Certificate - Rs.10/- per copy .
    Trade licence - Bettlenut shops - Minimum Rs./- Hotels - Maximum Rs.3000/- 



    There are Two Dispensaries cum Maternity Hospitals facilitated with 10 bedded in St.Thomas Mount and 20 bedded in Pallavaram. A Team of Doctors comprising of 3 lady Asst. Medical Officers.

    Patients Visited during the year 2014-2015

    No. of In-patients :      33 No’s of Deliveries

     No. of Out patients :  32746 No’s of patients


    1. Outpatient Services – General and Sickness

    Tuesday and Friday – For Pregnant Women -Antenatal Checkup

    Wednesday – Immunization for Children under Five years

    Polio, Triple Antigen Anti-measles and BCG Inpatient Maternity services 
    Inside Cantonment Labour charges - Rs.100/- Bed charges - Rs.10/- per day  
    Outside Cantonment Labour charges - Rs.200/- Bed charges - Rs.20/- per day

    Maternity and Child OPD – 4.00 p.m. to6.00 p.m. at St.Thoma s Mount


    1. Inpatients Maternity Services

    Labour Charges – Rs.100/- Bed charges-Rs.10/-per day ( Cantonment Residents)

    Labour charges – Rs.200/- Bed charges-Rs.20/- per day (Outside Cantonment Residents)

                    Every Inpatient is given Bread (400grams)- 1 loaf and Milk - 500ml per day, Dhoby Services  and Medicines – Tablets, Injection & IV etc., - Free


    Upgraded laboratory  Services with Semi- Auto Analyser and Cell Counter. Laboratory services can be availed Monday to Saturday.

                    Some of the test carried out are as follows :-

    1. Blood test – CBC, LFT, Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile
    2. Urine test - Complete
    3. Motion routine
    4. Pregnancy test.  

    ULTRASOUND SCAN – Weekly once on Tuesday at St.Thomas Mount (3.00p.m to 5.00p.m)

                                                         Charges – Rs.150/- per scan.

    RNTCP – DOTS – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    TANSACS – ICTC  - Weekly once –Thursday at St.Thomas Mount and Friday at Pallavaram

    FREE MEDICAL CAMP : Every month 4th Sunday at Cantonment School at St.Thomas Mount


    Siddha Clinic :         Monday to Wednesday at St.Thomas Mount

                                         Thursday to Saturday at Pallavaram

     Ayurveda Clinic :   Monday to Wednesday at Pallavaram

                                           Thursday to Wednesday at St.Thomas Mount




    There are two High Schools aided by the State Govt. and two Elementary Schools run by the Cantonment Board.

    1. Cantonment Board High School St.

    Thomas Mount - 170 students
    Pallavaram - 1150 students

    2. Cantonment Elementary School

    St.Thomas Mount - 237 students
    Pallavaram - 689 students

    1.Who can apply - Children residing in and around Cantonment area. Age should be 5 years completed for class I and 10 years completed for class VI.
    2.When to apply -Admission forms are issued during the month of May
    3.How to apply - Filled in admission form along with Birth Certificate & TC. 4.Procedure for admission - Children fulfilling the required qualifications are called for interview.
    5.Confirmation/rejection of the admission - Results are announced on the same day of interview.
    SCHOOL FEE STRUCTURE - Annually I Std. To Vth Std. - Free education
    SPECIAL FEES VIth to VIII Std. Tamil Medium - Rs.32/- -do- English medium - Rs.632/- IX th to Xth Std Tamil Medium - Rs.47/- -do- English medium - Rs.847/- (50% concession for SC/ST students)

    SCHOOL FEE STRUCTURE - Annually I Std.  To Xth Std.  - Free education.


    The Cantonment Board has  Kalyanamandapam  at Pallavaram on the GST road (NH 45), which was recently inaugurated by the Principal Director Defence Estates, Shri. Nautiyal I.D.E.S. at an area of 1 acre and plinth area of 16000 sqft with a sitting facility of 750 persons at Hall and 350 persons in Dining, 4 rooms for bride and bridegroom with A/C facility. It is fully furnished with chairs, tables, utensils, and a lawn with ample parking space.





    Pallavaram - One and Half Day 60000 15000 75000/-
    Pallavaram - One Day 42000 15000 57000/-
    Pallavaram - Half Day 22000 10000 32000/-

    (50% concession on rent for Cantt. Board employees and pensioners) Deposit charges - It includes cost of water, electricity,cleaning and washing of vessels etc.)

    Revenue Department

    Its primary duty is to demand and collect taxes like Property Tax
    (House tax 10%, water tax-3.5%, lighting - 5%, Scavenging - 6% and Education - 2%)
    Profession tax, Advertisement tax, Entertainment tax, Tax on transfer of Immovable property and collecting rent from Cantonment properties. Quantum of sources
    Property Tax - Rs.6 Crores (approx.)
    Profession Tax - Rs.1.5 Crores(approx.)
    Water charges - Rs.17 lakhs
    No. of Assessment in Property tax St.Thomas Mount - 3210
    Pallavaram - 1600
    Minambakkam - 27
    No. of water service connection St.Thomas Mount - 1615
    Pallavaram 835
    Minambakkam 18


    1. New Assessment for levying Property tax - 45 Days
    2. Name transfer and mutation of property -do-
    3. Objection on revision of tax -do-
    4. Discrepancy in payment of tax - within 2 days
    5. Allotment of shops - Periodically done as per agreement
    6. Renewal of licence period
    For Cantt. Board Kalyanamandapam shops - within 2 months as per CBR

    Office Administration

    The following meetings are held regularly:-

    1. Board Meeting
    2. Finance and Public Works Committee Meeting
    3. Standing Assessment Committee Meeting
    4. Civil Area Committee Meeting 

    Chennai Cantonment