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    In October 1820, the Board Revenue, Madras called upon the Collector of Chengleput to report whether any and what obstacle existed to the appropriation of a piece of ground on the South Bank of the Adyar River for the occasional encampment of troops. This ground included in part or wholly seven villages of the Saidapet Taluk and was ordered by Government in 1821 to be acquired at the cost of the Military Department. It was paid for in 1822 and the cantonment so formed was called "The Presidency Cantonment". In Official correspondence of 1825 and 1826, however, the cantonment was some time referred to as "The Presidency Cantonment". Gradually, the former name-dropped out of use. In 1822, the cantonment ground was leveled at a cost of Rs.14,244-10 and two small villages were added to it. In 1832, the cantonment was constituted a Military Bazaar Station at the same time as St. Thomas Mount cantonment. In 1856, the boundaries of the cantonment was further extended towards the South and the revised boundaries was extended to include portions of the government villages of Meenambakkam, Tirusoolam and Talakanjeri use as a rifle range, and the revised specification of the Cantonment Boundaries was published in the same year in the Fort St. George, Gazette. From 1st April 1890, certain taxes were imposed in the Cantonment under Section 21,. Act III of 1880. in 1904, the boundary was again extended so as to include a portion of the same village and thus bringing the two cantonments into contract. In 1905, the Government of India sanctioned the amalgamation of the two cantonments; and the notification describing the boundaries of the combined cantonments was published in 1911.

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